VicVeg Online aims to help you to read the landscape and understand the native vegetation of your area and on your place as well as how to give it a helping hand.

This section explains how to use the site and provides some background on the VicVeg Online project.
We use the natural regions of Victoria (Bioregions), and their vegetation types (Ecological Vegetation Classes or EVCs) to help you identify your vegetation type/s. You can then obtain revegetation species lists and other information for your site.
Find out about the wild plant species of your region! There are photos as well as information about their identity, distribution, description, tolerances and adaptability, productivity, interactions with indigenous fauna and a host of information relating to revegetation.
This is the ‘how to’ section about the tools and techniques useful for growing and managing native vegetation. You will find here material on propagation and establishment techniques as well as guides to assessing and managing remnant native vegetation to improve its nature conservation value.
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